Tuesday, November 23, 2010

May have (not)......

I may have not sent any msgs,
I may have not picked your calls.

I may have not made your day bright,
I may have not treated you right.

I may have not been there for you,
I may have not cared for you.

I may have not dared for you,
I may have not dreamed of you.

I may have not cried in your sorrow,
I may have not tried to change things better.

I may have not done nothing for you,
I have been nothing without you.

I may have not given you your respect,
All I have with me is a little love spared for you forever in me.
I may have all the visions in me (Vishn)
but I am incomplete without u. (Vishnu)

Sorry... Forgive me..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Work - Life: The vanishing subtle Life's "Rose Line"

Every morning the sun ray shines with the same vigor that it had been shining for all these millions of years. The birds chirp on the early glimpse of light and start catching their prey and sing duets all along the time playing with its fellow mates, sometimes fight. The work of nature has been the same every day except for the humans.

Its been a very long time since I have seen these acts of nature in vivid color and splendid. With the work becoming more important to one's livelihood since the advent of the "Dark Times" (read as RECESSION). The work time has slowly encroached the personal time and extended to very late wee hours in the early morning, working almost like a machine on projects that have such unimaginable time-frames to complete. Long gone are the days where I used to watch TV for leisure and read books for relaxation, watching the sun go down in the evening from the roof top of home, playing and roaming with friends. These days its even hard to see the sun shine in early morning as day starts (only thing I see is the Moon shining when my day starts) or the cool breeze running down the hair when you walk in the park (now replaced by walking in the mid-day hot sun with half closed sleepy eyes). 
The work life has crept in with a whip in the hand, that the once identifiable "Rose Line" (read as Work - Life Differentiators) of real life has slowly and definitely diminished to almost a dot in one's life and it wont be soon lost to the sands of time. Instead of working for a better life, we have made work as life and losing our personal life in the process of living. 
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is the old adage which has become relevant in the present and future of one's life. but today the adage is changed to
"All work and no play makes Jack - a master of trade with life in a cage"

Time.. Time.. Time..

Time is MONEY, people who WORK.
Time is PAIN, people in LOVE.
Time is ECSTASY, people who PLAY.
Time is STILL, people all ALONE.

Time is
PASSE, people who DREAM.
Time is GOLD, people living in MEMORIES.
Time is FOREVER, people who ADVENTURE.
Time is RIDDLE, people who STRUGGLE.

Time is BEST, people grabbing OPPORTUNITIES.
Time is WORST, people who BANKRUPT/BEG.
Time is ALL, people who ACHIEVE
Time is NOW, people in REALITY

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Musing - A Far Cry

Walking in the evening humming myself a tune,
Down the lonely street of the crowded city,
I can see five year olds playing by the park,
Smile on their faces and eyes with spark.
Lost in their own creative world with laughter and play,
Myself, lost in trance of childhood memoirs on passage of the day.

On the street was a rag boy of almost the same age,
Rummaging through garbage instead of book page,
Looking at the children, his eyes moist with sadness and delight,
Lost in thought, whether can life ever change his plight?
Picking the rags of plastic, colorful wrappers and papers for his daily meal,
Will the society ever provide anything to invoke his zeal?

There is no magic crystal balls - there is no magic spells,
There are no fairy tales - There aren't any wishing wells,
There is no chosen few - it's just me and you,
And that's all we got. Ya...that's all we got to hold on to.
To make and give something for them to believe in,
To make the other side a little paradise.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Continuum of Sapient (Lifecycle)

Born small and tender,
Like the fire flies - fragile and slender,
Adored, fed and well cared,
'Til our heart and feelings can bear. (Childhood)

Roaming the world with a flutter,
Searching for a hand when the heart shudder,
Painting many pictures in the minds clutter,
Filled with love and anger, a part of our hearts mutter. (Adolescence)

Toiling and Moiling to make our ends meet,
Acting and packing with people, for better treat.
Snaky and slicky, our twisted minds be,
Following rusty path, our contorted minds cant see. (Adulthood)

Searching for the lost ages we tread,
Losing peace, love and affection we dread.
Aimed to reach stars, we desired,
Only hopes left behind, in our pyres. (2nd childhood???? - Oldage)